Managing Your Lending Club Account From R

Ryan Kuhn

What is Lending Club?

  • Peer-to-Peer lending site where investors buy and trade shares of personal loans.
  • Like the bond market, investors earn a return when the borrower pays interest. The borrowers get access to lower cost credit by cutting out banks in the middle. According to Lending Club, on average borrows get a 33% lower interest rate than they were paying on other loans.
  • Interest rates can go as high as from 25%.
  • Diversify your portfolio with an asset class that is not tied to the stock market.

Why Use the Lending Club Package?

Save time

Stop sifting through loans manually. Using the LendingClub package, you can automate your purchases so they happen quickly and easily.

Put your strategy on cruise control

Code up your investment strategy and then walk away. Use the LendingClub package to prevent idle cash and be sure your account is working hard for you.

Use the Power of R

R comes with the analytical tools to create a complex and robust investment strategy. Leverage that power to ensure you maximize your returns as an investor.