LendingClub 2.0.1 Unreleased

  • Minor spelling corrections

LendingClub 2.0.0 2018-06-05

  • Changed the overall API to include the lc_ prefix. This will improve the user experience with better code completion. Original functions are deprecated but have not been removed.
  • Added unit tests via the testthat package and codecov.io. Current coverage is 54%
  • Lending Club updated the folio secondary market API which affected several functions:
    • The loanId and orderId are no longer required to purchase notes on the secondary market. These arguments are deprecated from the FolioBuy and FolioSell functions. The change is non-breaking but the function will return a warning if these arguments are passed in the function call.
    • The FolioOrders function was added to see either buy or sell orders submitted in the current month.
    • The FolioListing function now able to filter the results by the time elapsed since the note was updated. The function executes much faster.
  • Bug fixes

LendingClub 1.0.4 2018-01-29

  • New Function: Dashboard() which knits an html with summary statistics.
  • New Function: AccountSummary_() to replace AccountSummary().
  • Added additional S3 classes for ListedLoans and AccountSummary allowing for print and summary methods.
  • Deprecated AccountSummary()

LendingClub 1.0.3 2017-06-15